Free Pet and House Sitter

Where to Find Someone Reliable and Experienced

Sometimes our house sitters are just not available to book for a sitting schedule and so where do you find the same quality of sitting that we provide? That is 100% at House Carers. They have pioneered and mastered the art of online matching of pet and house owners with pet and house sitters, giving you the freedom to choose from a comprehensive list of pet and house sitters.


Why Avail Free Pet and Home Sitting?

Did you know that kennels charge at a range of $30-$35 to take care of your pet for a day? That’s $900-$1050 in a month! Why spend so much money on something that you can avail for free? Also, you can get so much more additional services when availing free pet and home sitting services. We are yet to see a kennel who offers additional services such as looking after your house and plants as well when you are away! Pet and home sitters at House Carers will be more than happy to give that service wholeheartedly.

It is clear that it is better that instead of availing kennel services for your pets, then some gardener for the plants and then some neighbor to oversee your property, why not get all of that with just a trusty and experienced house, pet and plant sitter for FREE? That’s so much money you can save for buying more souvenirs, better lounging experience, and more sightseeing tours on your getaway! Interested? Go visit House Carers and find your amazing house, pet and plant sitter now.

Find a Free and Trusted Home Sitter Now

If you are currently in need of a home sitter right away, find one now through the most trusted website for finding pet and house carers.