Plant Sitters - Here to Water Your Plants On Your Vacation

Plant Sitters - Here to Water Your Plants On Your Vacation

There’s house sitters and pet sitters but did you know that there’s also plant sitters? They are exactly what they sound like, hired to sit your plant babies. Be it watering, cleaning, repotting or fertilizing, plant sitters would do just that whatever your plant needs for it to grow while you get to enjoy your time away from home stress-free. Plant sitters can also either be hired for a professional fee or for free. Here at FreePetSitters, our pet and house sitters doubles as a plant sitter and what’s best is they can do it all for the exchange they get to live in your home while you are on vacation.

So would you always need a plant sitter whenever you have to leave your house longer than a day? The answer is actually no. It depends on how long you will be away. If you will be away not longer than a week, then instead of hiring a plant sitter, you can follow WallyGrow’s watering tips for your houseplants or our tips for your outdoor plants. If you will be away for longer than a week and you know that your plant babies need more care than being left moist and watered, then plant sitters are your friend!

Below are the list of the services that plant sitters can provide for your plants while you are on vacation:


  • Watering

This is one of the most important services provided by plant sitters of course and that is to make sure your plants are well watered but not only that, watered as well according to schedule. Of course, different plants need different levels of moisture and so plant sitters will definitely be knowledgeable about this. Here at FreePetSitters, our plant sitters are adept at basic house plant care but they would still be needing your guidance on other special needs that your plant babies need. So, if you have decided to book a plant sit with FreePetSitters, list down these special needs as well as which plants need it. This ensures that all your plants will be cared for exactly how you want it to be.

Woman Watering Plants

  • Repotting

Repotting is included in the services of plant sitters especially if you will be away for a long time where the plant’s roots could begin outgrowing its pot. When this happens, the plant’s growth will be stunted and it may even begin to dry out. For FreePetSitters, if ever there is a need to repot your plants, our plant sitter will reach out to you using the contact details you have provided to us to coordinate the purchase of new and larger pots. If you know that there are some plants that would be needing repotting soon and that it would fall during the plant sit, it might be a good idea to let your plant sitter know about this as well as prepare the pots in advance so that the plant sit would be as smooth as possible.

Woman Repotting Plants

  • Cleaning

Cleaning plants means trimming down the dead leaves as well as the browning tips. It also includes wiping off the dust off the leaves of your house plants. All these cleaning will help the plant blossom healthier. Of course this will still boil down to whether you, the plant owner, would approve of the plant sitter doing this. Here at FreePetSitters, if you had an agreement with our plant sitter that you do not want your plants trimmed out for you, we will fully respect that. 

Man Trimming and Cleaning Plants

  • Humidity Management

Humidity management is very important especially for house plants. Air circulating inside homes is usually drier than outside which is why most houseplants benefit from being placed atop a saucer or tray filled with pebbles and water. This water will evaporate and when it does, it keeps the area around your house plant humid. When you are away for long, this water of course will dry out and our plant sitters will be glad to top those off for you. Misting is also part of humidity management and our plant sitters can do this for you as well.

Woman Misting Plants

  • Fertilizing

Plants benefit from fertilizers be it natural or artificial. If you have a specific fertilizer formula that is organic and natural or if you prefer a brand, our plant sitters here at FreePetSitters would apply those to your plants while you are on vacation. If you also have a specific method on how you do it, our plant sitters would readily watch and listen to you do it and mimic it the same way on the duration of the plant sit.

Different Plant Care Fertilizers

  • Sunlight management

Different plants need different amounts of sunlight. You may have a plant that benefits the most from full sunlight like succulents or filtered sunlight like ferns. Our plant sitters would take note of this as well and so it is important that you brief them well before the actual day of the plant sit. Our plant sitters would happily agree to you showing them hands-on on where to actually place plants in certain times of the day if that is something that you do.

Succulents Having Direct Sunlight
If you think that you and your plants would greatly benefit from hiring a plant sitter managing watering, fertilizer, sunlight and humidity during the time that you will be away from your home, then do not hesitate to contact us to book a plant sit schedule! After all, there is nothing to lose as we offer our plant sitting services (that doubles as a house and plant sitter) absolutely for free.