Discovering the 5 Best Unknown Vacation Spots in the USA

Discovering the 5 Best Unknown Vacation Spots in the USA

If you are looking for some places to spice up your travel diary but hate the multitude of people going to popular travel destinations especially now that COVID is still lurking around, we just have the right read for you! We have gathered our top 5 picks for the best unknown vacation spots here in the United States. So buckle up and get ready as we tour you to our five picks for the most striking secret vacation spots!


  • Valley of Fire - Nevada

If you are looking for a place perfect for your Instagram photos but without the hassle of the crowd, the Valley of Fire in Nevada might be the one that is right up your alley! Stunning rock formations that look very fiery and hot especially during the sunset, surprisingly this is a destination that not many people crowd onto. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner one, you will surely enjoy the beginner trails to explore here at Valley of Fire. Not only the majestic views are the treat you are waiting for while on the hike, but also you will encounter historical petroglyphs by the ancient indians that once inhabited the place. Valley of Fire Nevada is the best unknown vacation spot for you here in the United States if you like connecting with a place’s history while hiking with the bonus that there are not many people to bother your getaway.

Valley of Fire NevadaValley of Fire Nevada PictureValley of Fire Nevada Visiting and Sitting


  • Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming 

If you feel like visiting Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks but just can’t stand the crowd that visits there and you just want peace while on your vacation, then Grand Teton National Park might be the best choice for you! Grand Teton in Wyoming is teeming with wildlife, crystal clear lakes, interesting hiking trails, and of course the striking mountains that are sure to always leave the tourists in awe. Aside from hiking, there are also other activities that you can enjoy like biking, boating and floating, fishing, camping and wildlife viewing. If this kind of getaway sounds fun to you, then this might be that secret vacation spot in the USA that you should tick off your bucket list!

Grand Teton National Park WyomingGrand Teton National Park Wyoming Visitors in Cars

  • Estes Park - Colorado

Do you fancy checking out a scenic and charming town in the middle of the mountains? How about giving yourself some spooks by visiting the location that inspired the Overlook Hotel in the Shining’s film and series adaptation? Then this hidden vacation gem by the name of Estes Park in Colorado might be what you are looking for! There are so many activities that you can try here without the worry of being bothered by a crowd. You can try wildwater rafting, 4x4 tours, guided trails, mountain climbing, horseback riding and many more! If you are interested in winter tours, then Estes Park offers snowshoeing and skiing as some of their activities that you can enjoy. If this sounds very exciting to you, then this unknown vacation spot destination in the United States might be for you to visit!

Estes Park Colorado

  • Stowe - Vermont

If you feel like you want to visit Austria but cannot afford getting out of the country yet, then Stowe in Vermont would be great for you! Stowe is well known for its amazing highlands scenery while you are going camping, hiking and skiing. If you are a big fan of alcoholic beverages then this might be the place for you, as they have amazing breweries in there as well for you to visit. Not only that, you can also get to visit the Trapp Family Lodge which was founded by the famous Trapp family themselves (the ones featured in the Sound of Music). Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or more of an indoor person, Stowe will offer something for you to explore – all that without the multitude of people around you. This is truly one of the most unique unknown places to visit here in the United States.

Bridge in Stowe Vermont

  • Smith Rock State Park - Oregon

Are you a fan of grand views of rivers running through rocky canyons? How about pointy rock formations that resemble cathedral spires? Then Smith Rock State Park at Oregon might be your cup of tea! There are hiking trails for all sorts of hiker levels – from beginner to professionals – you are sure to enjoy this getaway. There are also sightings of wildlife here like eagles, falcons, otters and beavers. If you also fancy yourself a mug of beer, then visit the craft breweries in here that are sure to blow your taste buds away. And what’s amazing is that you will not be encountering multitudes of tourists and you are sure to treasure every moment. This is certainly one of the special not so known places you can visit here in the USA!

Smith Rock State Park Oregon

So if you are planning to take a break from the daily stressors of life but do not want to get stressed by squeezing through crowds then definitely visit one of the top places we recommend! If you are worried about getting stressed about leaving your home uninhabited during your vacation, then worry not too much about that as we here at FreePetSitters or our friends at TrustedHouseSitters and HouseCarers were created to handle just that, all for free! Send us a message now for inquiries, all without a cost.