Becoming a Traveling Gardener, is it possible?

Becoming a Traveling Gardener, is it possible?

The sun is shining ever so bright with not a single cloud in sight. The radiant heat wraps around you like a warm blanket, making you sweat a little. It's summertime!

All of your friends are packing their bags and readying their swim suits all ready for their beach get away this summer. And here's you, the gardener, still cannot make any summer vacation breaks because the very thought of leaving your plant babies to dry while you splish and splash in the sea sends a chill running down your spine.

Is traveling even possible once you have decided to build your backyard garden? Is the word "vacation" gone from your vocabulary now once you start taking care of plants? That seems like an over-exaggeration and to think there would be fewer people gardening if that was the case. Imagine what a depressing scene that would be if the suburbs only had nothing but dull painted houses and gray concrete.

Vacations are an integral part of life in the sense that we all need to recharge our batteries every once in a while if we do not want to get burned out in life. Every once in a while, going out, meeting new people, and learning new cultures expands our horizons and refreshes our life perspectives. However, if you have a garden that you have cared so much for, would mean that thinking about your plants withering would always cross your mind. Worries like that would definitely defeat the purpose of you taking a break from all the worries of life. So how can you travel without giving up your garden? Below are the tips you can follow to keep your garden thriving even without your guidance.

    • Clean up before you leave

      Deweed your plant bed and trim down yellowing and dead leaves. Cut all the declining or spent flower heads. Spray your plants with your homemade insecticidal spray to keep the pests away. As long as your plants are not in the brink of death, they can survive a few days of stress.

    • Water, water, water

      Water your garden about 2 inches deep to keep the soil moist for longer periods of time. If you will be away for a longer time, you might want to consider purchasing a drip irrigation watering system to guarantee that your plants are watered even if you are not at home. Take note though that this system would cost you some bucks. A cheaper alternative would be using a soaker hose and automatic timer to setup watering while you are gone.

    • Put mulch around your plants

      Mulch will be a big help in your plants health when you are not around. It serves to maintain a cooler environment for the roots, lessen rate of moisture evaporation and controls weed growth. Take note though, limit mulch application to 3 inches or less especially if you have a slug and snail problem in your garden.

    • No to mowing

      Do not mow your lawn yet prior to departing. Longer grass can tolerate harsher and drier conditions than freshly mowed ones. Soak your lawn deeply in water before you leave.

    • Hide your container plants

      Container plants dry out quickly if left out in the sun. If you are going to be away for a while, move container plants in an area where they are shaded then soak them just before you leave. You can also consider placing your plants in a basin or kiddie pool with an inch or two of water level in the bottom.

All the tips mentioned above would work if you are going to be away for at most a week. Any longer than that, your plants might soon be in danger of withering. Does that mean you are limited only to week long vacations because of that limitation? Of course not!

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