5 Essential Tips to Save Money When Going on a Vacation

5 Essential Tips to Save Money When Going on a Vacation

Going on a vacation is almost everybody’s dream. However, it is not an activity though that will cost you nothing. It almost always is synonymous to shelling out money to experience something new and unfamiliar. This is fine if you have wads of cash hanging out somewhere in the bank but for most of us ordinary people, we always look for ways on how we can always make the most out of our pocket when going out on trips. Check out below our top 5 favorite essential tips which are guaranteed to save you a couple of bucks on your next tour.

5 Essential Tips To Save Money When Going on a Vacation

  • Pack only the necessities and all-around items

    If you want to avoid checked baggage fees, this is a must. Know beforehand the allowable dimensions for personal and carry-on items so that there will be no additional fees for the items you are bringing. For clothing, only include items that dry easily and that you can wash in a sink. For shoes, bring a pair, preferably one that you can match with any of your clothing as well as can be used as an all-around footwear in various kinds of terrain and weather. An example of this would be a pair of outdoor sandals.

    Also, another benefit of packing lightly is you could travel around the vicinity of your destination using public transportation. So with this, we recommend just having all of your stuff fit in a backpack. Since your luggage is lightweight, you would not feel the need to hail a cab which is much more expensive than using mass transit.

Girl packing items

  • Avoid shopping at tourist spots

    Tourist prices are real and they are included in the price of items you are purchasing if you are buying in shops that are located in tourist spots. Try shopping where the locals shop to save much more money. Consider this as an adventurous experience on its own where you get to really have a feel of being immersed in the place you are visiting.

Shopping at locals spot

  • Exchange your currency at the bank and not in the airport

    Avoid exchanging currency when you are at the airport. The exchange rate is worse than what you can get in a bank. Instead of losing some money exchanging at the airport currency exchange kiosks, hassle yourself a little bit by exchanging your money beforehand in a bank. This way, you save some money that you can use to fund other activities or food you might want to try out on your trip.

Exchanging currency

  • Consider becoming a house sitter to save up on hotel fees

    Hotel fees average at $119 per night and of course that varies depending on where you are in the globe as well as whether you are staying in a classy one. If you are planning to have a lengthy vacation, you may want to consider becoming a house sitter to save up hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A house sitter basically is tasked to look after a home while the owner is away with you being paid with a cost-free lodging in their homes. Being a house sitter does not necessarily mean that you cannot get out of the home you are sitting like some sort of prisoner. You can still go to places from time to time depending on your agreement with the house owner. The advantage of this from booking a hotel room is that you get to really live in the town you are visiting and get used to their customs and everyday living. This experience is not one that you can have in living in a hotel room during your vacation because chances are the only ones you are going to encounter there are other tourists as well. If you are interested in becoming a house sitter, check out Trusted House Sitters or House Carers where homeowners post advertisements of houses that you can house sit and you might be able to find one that coincides with your vacation date!

Passing key to house sitter

    • If you have pets or plants that will be left at home, consider hiring a house sitter.

      Kennels and gardeners will cost some money if you have pets and plants that need to be looked after during your vacation’s duration. As with tip number 4 where we encouraged you to become a house sitter, you may also want to consider hiring one. Again, hiring one is for free as the exchange of them living in your house is them taking care of your house as well as your pets and plants. The only cost you might pay here could be the utility bills that your house sitter would consume during his/her stay in your home but we think that’s worth it having your home lived while you are away as a lived home is a natural deterrent to home burglars. You could find amazing, experienced and skilled house sitters at either Trusted House Sitters or House Carers. If you do not want their method of sifting through profiles of house sitters, you could contact us here at FreePetSitters and we will arrange a schedule for you with one of our available qualified house and pet sitters.

Pets and plants at home


So there you have it, our 5 most essential tips to save money when going on a trip. We personally here at FreePetSitters take advantage of these hacks. We hope that you remember our top five tips and feel free to share them with your friends and family!